About Us

We (Kevin and Margo) moved from San Francisco to London in October 2010 (for K’s job).  During the time we are here we hope to travel (a lot), meet new people, learn new things, experience new food & drink and use this blog to document it all.  M will do most of the blogging, but K will chime in here and there, most likely with something humorous…

Travel Map

Update January 2013:
In late Summer 2012, k&m welcomed a third member to the blog…our son “little h”.

2 responses to “About Us

  1. That’s cool. We are east and west of the Atlantic, too. Quite a challenge. Really looking forward to read more of your stories. See you. – the transatlantic diablog

  2. Excellent blog, very informative and pretty pics too … especially about London.

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