Farewell San Francisco


Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge


Dear San Francisco:
You have been our home for almost seven years.  We bid you a fond farewell.

To our great friends in the city by the bay:
Thanks for all the memories and (more importantly) thanks for all the laughs.

Much Love,

5 responses to “Farewell San Francisco

  1. Margo & Kevin, Thanks for being such gracious hosts and all the great times in and around the beautiful city of San Fransico. I will never forget Wine Country and all the wonderful places, restaurants, etc. Love, Barb

  2. Nice picture! I bet you miss SF already. Maybe you miss that warm weather. Now we are watching the Yankees and they are loosing at the 4th inning. Andy is pitching. Hope they start hitting soon. Let’s hear more about London.

  3. Hello!!!

    This is Denise jumpin in…….congrats on hoppin the pond

    You are in for a nice time….Happy Halloween!!!

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