Fast Walkers

Londoners are fast walkers.  I mean blazing fast walkers.  I thought I walked fast, but this city has proved this to be untrue.  Even women wearing high heels walk fast.  (I don’t know how they do it, as I would probably twist my ankle.)   It’s like Kevin and I are standing still at times.  We just laugh…and try not to get run over.

8 responses to “Fast Walkers

  1. Wow! That’s funny.. my friends think I walk fast but probably not as quick as them! And I’d also twist my ankle (I’ve done it before)!!! Anyways, I hope you’re having a great time in London! I hope I see you again soon! ttyl :) <3

  2. Hey Margo!!!! Hope u r having a ball! Enjoy and we all miss you back here in CT! Any Taco Bells out there, :)

  3. it is leah i was in a commercial for someone who is moving. I was a little girl.I made $110.00

  4. Hi Margo I bet i cant walk that fast! lol I hope we can see you soon at your new house in London! ttyl :)

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