Happy Thanksgiving

Due to the loss of internet service since we moved into our new apartment, I have not been able to blog.  I thought it was only fitting to start again on Thanksgiving—even though it is not a holiday in the UK.  I managed to get a mobile broadband device (which is not very good as I have to sit next to the cold window to get the best connection) that will hold-me-over until our service gets set-up at home, which will take four more weeks. Yes, that’s right.  F.O.U.R.  M.O.R.E.  W.E.E.K.S. (I will save this rant for another post, since I don’t want to complain on Thanksgiving.)

With all that said…I want to wish our families and friends a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I hope it’s delicious.  We miss you all.

Although there are a number of restaurants serving Thanksgiving, I think we are going to a BBQ joint.  Too funny.  Larry and Devin will be joining us as well.  They will be showing American football on TV, which will please the boys.  I will have to cook a turkey for Kevin (and Devin if he is still here) once I feel more comfortable with my new convection oven cooking in Celsius.  I would say that the conversions are the hardest part, but thank goodness there’s an app for that!

Bon Appétit!!!

4 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Well I hope your BBQ Thanksgiving Dinner was delicious – (That counts since that is all-American)! As far as your oven is concerned one of two things could potentially happen when you cook your bird: 1) the bird could be severely under-cooked and just let itself out of your oven in the hope that it finds warmer refuge elsewhere or 2) you may just invent turkey nuggets for McDonald’s
    I am looking forward to your internet service connection too!
    Well miss you two but as always are with you in spirit ~ Love, Barb

  2. Hey margo and Kevin!
    I kept on asking Barb about how u are doing and she just sent me the link to your blog it is so great to hear that u are both doing well. I am so excited for u both starting new chapter in your lives in the UK totally brilliant! Love the British lingo! Our trip to Germany is still on in April and hoping to stop and see u from Paris going to take the chunnel to London. Once I have dates willlet u know have u seen Will and Kate? Haha take care love Jen

  3. Miss you! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Kevin! We are thankful to have you guys in our lives!

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