Munich, Germany

New Town Hall Towner, Munich

New Town Hall Tower, Munich

Five train transfers later (due to snowy conditions and train issues) K and I arrived in Munich.   If there was ever a time I wanted to swing my suitcase into orbit it was then.  Hopping on and off trains with a heavy bag was no joy, but we made it to Munich on Christmas Eve tired and hungry with snow falling at a steady clip.

We asked the hotel staff for a restaurant recommendation and they told us that most places were closed Christmas Eve (which we figured) but there was one restaurant they knew was open that served good beer.

(Sounds like the perfect spot for the state we were in.)

With our ragged travel clothes still on our backs, we hit the snowy streets.  After a few moments of confusion, we found the restaurant and were surprised when a doorman welcomed us in.  As we looked into the dining room we noticed everyone dressed in their finest holiday attire (penguin suits included) and the candlelit interior was impeccably decorated for Christmas.

They serve beer here?  Really?

Kevin seriously contemplated asking for a table, but when I saw the hostess in her perfectly fitted evening gown and her perfectly coiffed hair, I retracted.  After all, my hair hadn’t seen a brush since that morning, so all bets were off for the two of us dining here in our denim.

We ended up finding a pub-style restaurant, which was surprisingly busy, and the night turned out perfect.  Merry Christmas Eve.

On Christmas morning, despite the light snow and cold temps, it was time to check out the city.  We took to the streets and walked to Marienplatz, the main square/hub of Munich, to begin our church tour (fitting for Christmas Day)…

  • First, Peterskirche, the oldest church in Munich.
  • Second, Frauenkirche, its two onion domes are distinctive landmarks of Munich.
  • Third, Michaelskirche, a magnificent Renaissance church.
  • And finally, Asamkirche, probably the most ornate church we’ve ever seen—every inch embellished.

We also visited the Münchner Stadtmuseum (Munich City Museum), which celebrates the history of Munich. Housed in a former Gothic armory, this wonderfully diverse museum offers insight into Munich’s people, traditions, art and so much more.  A fun place to see, hear and learn.

It wouldn’t be a trip to Munich without a visit to a beer-hall.  Although we chose probably the most famous and most touristy one, Hofbräuhaus lives up to the hype.  With the dirndl-wearing waitresses, the roaming Bavarian band and the 1L steins of beer, I can only imagine what this place is like during Oktoberfest.   (Hofbräuhaus, Am Platzl 9)

Even though it was a short visit, we enjoyed Munich and hope to return to experience more.

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  1. Munich sounds like a wonderful place! It sounds like you two made the best of it and truly enjoyed your time there. You can always go back! Love, Barb

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