Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France

Mer de Glace Glacier

Mer de Glace Glacier

K "tearing it up"

K "tearing it up"

Over the weekend, we ran off to Chamonix  Mont-Blanc, France for some spring skiing.  We skied the slopes on Brévent & Flégère and enjoyed it tremendously.  Due to warm spring temperatures and lack of recent snowfall, the snow conditions weren’t optimal but it was a welcomed experience to ski in the French Alps.

Chamonix Village

View from Chamonix Village

Chamonix is located in the south-eastern part of France (in the north-western part of the Alps) with a population of around 10,000.  Being a part of this majestic mountainous area, Chamonix provides breathtaking views in any direction you care to look.   The entire area is an outdoor enthusiast’s playground as it offers loads of winter and summer activities like skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking and rafting.  Chamonix was also the site of the first Olympic Winter Games held in 1924.

Besides our day on the slopes, we also went to see one of Chamonix’s special attractions—the Mer de Glace glacier (see photo at top of post).  We took a short train ride from Chamonix village on the Montenvers Train (which began operating in 1908) and snaked our way up the side of the mountain range for indescribable views of the valley and, of course, the Alps.  The Montenvers Station is built on a ridge overlooking the Mer de Glace glacier and surrounded by Les Drus, Les Grands Jorasses and the Aiguille du Grepon peaks.  At the station we watched droves of skiers complete their journey down the famous Vallée Blanche—an off-trail ski route 20 miles long with a vertical descent of almost 9,000 feet (see photo below).  Kevin said he will return to do this.

Vallée Blanche

Skiers finishing the Vallée Blanche

We took the small cable car from Montenvers Station to a platform midway down and then descended approximately 300 stairs until we reached the glacier to check out the man made ice grotto (caves carved out of the ice).

Stairs to Glacier

Stairs to Mer de Glace Glacier

Level of Glacier in 1990

Level of Glacier in 1990 - disturbing

Upon return to Chamonix valley, the sun was out and the sky was a brilliant blue—a sight we haven’t seen in months!  (Sorry, London.)  We ate lunch outside, sipped French Wine and reveled in the moment.  Ahh, Magnifique!

Lunch in Chamonix

Lunch in Chamonix

7 responses to “Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France

  1. Magnificent photos! A must to see if you are visiting France.

  2. Absolutely beautiful pictures M – (F/22, F/16) ? haha They are so sharp and vivid – the last pic of the wine glass is quite cool! It looks as though you and K enjoyed every minute of it – what a beautiful place!

  3. Amazing pictures-such natural beauty! Glad to see Kevin back on skies-looking good! I, like Barb, really love the wine glass pic-very creative thinking Margo!

  4. Hi there. I like the photo of the Musée d’Orsay. It looks remarkably similar to one I took on 28 August 2005…..

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