Jamie Cullum @ Kew the Music

Jamie Cullum

Jamie Cullum at Kew the Music

Last Friday, we saw the very talented Jamie Cullum perform at Kew the Music—an outdoor music festival at Kew Gardens.  He was fantastic!

Jamie Cullum is an English-born jazz-pop singer-songwriter.  We started listening to his music around 2002 and saw him twice in concert whilst in San Francisco—once at The Palace of Fine Arts in 2006 and once at The Fillmore in 2010.  It was amazing to see him in London—his home turf.

Kew Gardens was probably one of the best outdoor concert venues we’ve been to.  It was so pleasant to listen to great music in such a beautiful setting. (It helped that the rain held off too!)

Fireworks after the concert

The concert ended with fireworks…how fitting.

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