Amakhala Game Reserve, South Africa

From Cape Town, we made our way to the Amakhala Game Reserve, in the Eastern Cape, where we stayed for three nights amongst so much natural beauty. Amakhala is a unique game reserve with a strong initiative to re-introduce wildlife and flora to land that was used to ranch cattle for many years.  It is a substantial conservation effort, but Amakhala seems to be making great strides as all the animals we came across look right at home.   We loved seeing these amazing creatures move about in their natural habitat.  It was certainly an experience to remember.

Here are some of the photos of our new friends…

(Click on the first photo to start the Photo Gallery.  Enjoy!)

5 responses to “Amakhala Game Reserve, South Africa

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  2. Great collection of wild animals. Thanks for sharing them. This is the place that I am dreaming of

  3. I love these pics-what beautiful animals. I liked the photo gallery-felt like I was on the safari with you!

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