Olympic Torch Relay

At Olympic Torch Relay this morning.
So excited for the Games!

Olympic Torch Relay

Olympic Torch Relay

Olympic Torch Relay

Olympic Torch Relay

4 responses to “Olympic Torch Relay

  1. How exciting for you, how we wish we were there to celebrate with you!!
    M. & D.

  2. Hey there..First I’d like send congrats on the bambino soooo happy for u 2! Jacoby is a GREAT name! Just Sayin! LOL…Looking forward to all your olympic pics how freakin awesome is that, such a great opportunity for you guys and what timing you have..to be there for these games….Sooooo jealous! Enjoy! XOXOXOXOX Fran

    • Thanks, Fran!!! We are thrilled…that is for sure! Hmmm. Jacoby….
      Keep checking in…I’ll have more Olympic pics in the days ahead.

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