Initially, our plan was to spend two nights in Nuremberg, Germany—departing from Brussels.  Due to snowy conditions, train cancellations and a mix-up with our train passes, K and I were the lucky couple to spend almost an entire day in the Brussels-Midi Train Station—probably one of the most depressing transportation hubs on the planet.  Low ceilings, bone-chilling cold temperatures, gray and black everything, crazy people yelling at vending machines and a fee (€0.50) to use the bathroom.  Needless to say, we never made it out of Brussels that day, but that’s the way it goes with winter travel…you just don’t know.

One response to “Brussels-Midi

  1. I would imagine Nuremberg was a welcome sight after your fiasco in the Brussels-Midi Train Station(but once again a descriptive blog none-the-less). A fee to use the bathroom? Wow – I would have cut back on my water intake for fear of going broke!

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