Nuremberg, Germany

Nurnberger Christmas Mug

Nurnberger Christmas Market Mug

We finally arrived in Nuremberg (after another delay at Brussels-Midi and another cancelled train) at around 4pm.   We quickly settled into our hotel so we could check out the city before it got too dark and cold.

Each year Nuremberg hosts one of Germany’s most famous Christmas Markets. Nestled in the city walls of the Altstadt (old town), it spans several blocks making this market the largest one we wandered through during our trip (this one being our third).

We made it our mission to try traditional German fare such as the Nürnberger Rostbratwürste (finger-sized sausages served three on a roll with mustard), Lebkuchen (soft gingerbread cookies), and glühwein (warm mulled wine).   We even purchased the two mugs our glühwein came in to commemorate our trip—something we never do.  (see photo)

We walked around the Altstadt to view the medieval architecture that makes this city so attractive to tourists.   Due to our travel woes, this Nuremberg sight-seeing walk was mainly done in the dark, but we made the best of it.

The next morning we decided to spend a couple of hours at the Dokumentationzentrum (spell that ten times), since we had another train to catch.  This museum’s exhibits document the rise of Hitler and Nuremberg’s role during that time.  It was a fascinating learning experience.  Well worth the stop.    (Dokumentationzentrum: Bayernstrasse 110)

Unfortunately, since our trip here was cut short, I have no notable eats & drinks to list.  Although, the food at the Christmas Market was some of the best we’ve had.

2 responses to “Nuremberg, Germany

  1. Hey Ming-a-ling
    First I’d like to say happy holidays! Holy crap look at you in freakin london! I love it! This is all so interesting and you do a lovely job bloggin about it, I feel like I’m there with ya! Hugs and kisses to you and Kevin! Looking forward to reading about more of your travels!

    Love ya Fran and Jason

    • Frannie-bop!
      Happy New Year to you & Jason! Thanks for checking out our blog! I know. London. Can’t believe it either. Crazy-dayz. Haven’t seen you in a dog’s age. B keeps me posted though. Hope to see you on our next visit. Love, m

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