We still have yet to receive our invitation to the Royal Wedding on the 29th of April.  I think it got lost in the mail.   What will I wear?  Any suggestions?

7 responses to “Invitation

  1. For the record I received mine…….

  2. Ming Lau… It’s Bird… Barb gave me the link. This is absoluely amazing and the pictures are stunning. I like logging on and seeing what you guys have visited. Very lucky, I wish I were there!! Hope you are doing well. :)

  3. Barb received nothing! LOL! You should crash the wedding and wear your own wedding dress! LOL! Wouldn’t that be a hoot to get the old gang together and we all come to visit. London would never be the same! LOL! Love reading your stuff Ming!

  4. okay Barb, What kind of “jewels” are we talking here huh??? I know this group… hee hee…. That would be one AMAZING trip!!! You are so lucky to be able to see all this cool stuff…. I like reading about it too….. Can’t you put yourself in a photo??? I think it has only been like 15 or more years since I’ve seen you!!!!! Barb, Can I go with you to the wedding?

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