To all our family & friends in New England:
We know Old Man Winter wants to stick around there
a bit longer, so please let him know that Spring. Is. Coming.

3 responses to “Spring

  1. Is this picture some kind of sick joke? haha
    Ok well Mother Nature needs to have a chat with Old Man Winter over a cup of tea or a pint of ale at The George- and bring us some warmer, nicer weather!

  2. Margo and Kevin:
    Spring is here in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The whales are beginning to migrate north, the desert is in full bloom and golf is fabulous in 75 degree temperatures. We will return home this Saturday, March 5th. Love to you both and may the crocus in your photo be blooming in CT. upon our return.
    M & D

    • Marcia,
      Bring some of that warm weather back with you to CT! (Send some here as well)
      Cabo sounds wonderful…we hope you both feel refreshed!

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