Royal Wedding Fever

The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple - Street Art

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

The Mall

The Mall

Media Camp

Media Camp - in front of Buckingham Palace


Practicing for the "Big Day"

Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan of CNN's "Piers Morgan Tonight"

CNN's Becky Anderson

CNN's Becky Anderson - "Connect the World" Host

Cat Deeley

Cat Deeley - Special Correspondent to CNN

Horse Guards Parade

Flags flying high - Horse Guards Parade

The Spot

Claiming a spot along The Mall

Union Jack

6 responses to “Royal Wedding Fever

  1. I love these pics-gives me a real idea of the preparations going on over there-very exciting time! Please post pics of “the big day” if you get a chance-would love to “see” it through your lens.

  2. The pictures are great and it appears everyone is enjoying the excitement of the upcoming wedding. Hope to see more.

  3. Great Pictures and it just makes all of us wish we were right there to view this happy marriage with you. It must have been amazing to be a part of the Hyde Park Scene. The wedding was beautiful, I attended a Royal Wedding Party in Madison….we all had to wear hats and gloves…we had great fun!!Kate was a beautiful bride and William a handsome groom.

    • It was amazing to be a part of Royal History. It was a wonderful day. I think it’s great that you had your very own Royal Wedding Party. I’d love to see some photos!

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