Our Day at the Royal Wedding

With a camera, water and food in tow (and the city buzzing with excitement!), we started our day at 9:15am with a quick stop in Green Park.  The City of London was kind enough to place giant screens in Green Park, Trafalgar Square and Hyde Park so those of use who weren’t invited to attend the wedding could watch it together.

Green Park

Green Park

After the stop in Green Park, we made our way over to The Mall via Trafalgar Square (this was a round-about way, we know, but due to all the road closures and people it really was the only way).

When we finally arrived at The Mall, the police, camera crews and spectators, (young and old alike) were ready for the show…

The Mall

The Mall




Warming Up

Since the best vantage points along The Mall were already taken, we decided it was best to hightail it to Hyde Park so we could actually watch the ceremony.  It was 10:20 …let the fast walking and crowd-dodging begin.

We arrived in Hyde Park in time for Kate’s arrival at Westminster Abbey at 11am. With over 100,000 people in attendance, it was an amazing and truly memorable experience.

Hyde Park Screens

Hyde Park Screens

Hyde Park

100,000 of our closest friends

 After the ceremony, we walked around the city, snapped photos and took part in the celebrations (there might have been a couple of pub stops along the way too…just sayin’).

We eventually found ourselves at Westminster Abbey and back at The Mall where crowds were still gathered.  What a day!!!

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey - Post-Wedding

The Mall

The Mall - Post-Wedding

Congratulations, William & Kate!


6 responses to “Our Day at the Royal Wedding

  1. Love your pictures, Margo. What an experience of a life time….we only wish we could have been there to share in the festivities of Kate and William’s nuptuals with you. I am glad you could share with your closest 100,000 friends!!

    • All of the photos on that day were snapped by K! I think he did a good job too!
      It will definitely be a day we will always remember. It was amazing!

  2. The photos are spectacular! These are great memories to keep for such an exciting celebration.

  3. Great to see all the pictures! Glad my mom told me about your blog. So glad you are enjoying your time in London.

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