Cartier International Polo

Cartier International Polo
This past Sunday, Kevin and I attended our first polo match at the Guards Polo Club in Windsor for the Cartier International Polo.  This year Brazil faced England to compete for the Coronation Cup.  England won 8-6.

It was a great day—mid-70s with sun!  (We’ve had a long stretch of cloudy, rainy weather lately so this was a welcomed change.)  We dressed up, packed a picnic and enjoyed the experience (saw Christie Brinkley too).

Here’s the day in pictures…

Marching Band

Marching Band

Young Polo Players

Young Polo Players

Dog Pack

Pack of really happy dogs

Before the match began, we watched a parade around the polo field.  First came the marching band, then the young polo players and then the cutest pack of happy dogs (fox hunt?), followed by…

Team Brazil's Showgirls
Team Brazil’s Showgirls.  (Carnival anyone?)

Mounted Umpires

Umpires Awaiting Play

Team England

Team England

Team Brazil

Team Brazil

Brazil's First Goal

Brazil's First Goal

Changing Ponies

Changing polo pony without dismount...that's talent!

Divot Stomping

Divot stomping at half-time...or maybe just socializing.

Here’s to another memorable experience!


2 responses to “Cartier International Polo

  1. Nice pictures Margo, especially those happy dogs!

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