Brighton and Hove

Brighton Coastline

Brighton Coastline

With the return of summer weather this past weekend, Kevin and I visited Brighton & Hove to experience an English coastal town and to enjoy the sun.

Smells Like Teen Spirit

"Smells Like Teen Spirit" - Street Musicians

The Lanes

The Lanes - Shopping Area

Brighton & Hove is located on the South coast of the UK—about an hour from London by train.  It is a lively place with a Bohemian vibe, offering tons of shopping, museums, arts & culture and, of course, a pier…

Brighton Pier

Brighton Pier

…And Brighton Pier definitely serves up the kitsch—arcades, amusement park rides and loads of people.

Brighton Beach

Brighton (Rocky) Beach and Pier

Although the coastline is lovely, Brighton Beach is one of the rockiest we’ve ever seen.  It will toughen up your pretty feet!  Ouch!

The Royal Pavilion

The Royal Pavilion

A highlight of our day-trip was the tour of the Royal Pavilion.  The Royal Pavilion was King George IV’s palace.  With its Indian-style structure and its lavish Asian-themed interior complete with dragons on crystal chandeliers, this palace is unlike any other we’ve seen. (No photography is allowed inside—too bad!)  George IV enjoyed hosting parties here and loved to impress his guests.  The massive kitchen displays a menu dated 18 January 1817 and lists the 100 dishes offered at one of his grand affairs.  (It would have been fun to be on that guest list!)

Pavilion Grounds

Royal Pavilion Grounds

The Pavilion was sold to the town of Brighton by Queen Victoria in 1850 and it soon became a tourist attraction.  The beautifully manicured grounds are widely used by townspeople and visitors alike.  We ended the day on a bench enjoying the view above as well as (the much-needed) sun.  It was a great day.

6 responses to “Brighton and Hove

  1. Great pics Margo-I went to Brighton when I lived over there light years ago…brings back memories! Looks very pretty through your lens.

  2. Hey Margo,
    What a beautiful place. Did I see barb in the smells like teen sprit street band? Is she planning on changing careers? She would make an excellent backup dancer since not sure of her vocal skills?!? Have a blast with your sis! Tell barb I said hi and been thinking of u both! Love ya

    • Jenny G!
      We are having a great time! Barb will have a lot of stories to tell you. She was actually in that street band playing the air drums. She’s really good at it! Miss you too! Love, M&B

  3. Yes u are right she is great at air drums! Cant wait for her to tell me all her great adventures she had with u. Hope it will be something like tossing back a couple of cold ones with the Queen!!! Long live the Queen and Pippa :-)

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